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Tales of the river bank

SHY - Reading RooflightThe owners of this home wanted to capitalise on their location next to the river Thames in Berkshire. A new fully glazed extension with a flat glass rooflight helped to flood the space with natural light and make the best of the view.


SHY proposed the SHY® ZIP® Fabric Tension System (FTS) with 150mm x 150mm headboxes to conceal the cloth rollers and motors. This system has motors positioned at both ends of the blind and when it is stopped in any position they gently turn in opposite directions to keep the fabric taut.


In this installation, expertly carried out by BBD Ltd, the headboxes were built into the ceiling detail under the rooflight with access panels for maintenance and the 1.8m x 6.2m blind is operated by a Lutron home control system. Fabric was Solarscene S110 with 5% light transmission.


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