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Home Automation / Building Management System

On a simple level, most home automation and building management systems will have a module or driver for blinds and shutters to do power the blinds directly, or we can supply a module to do this.


The other way is to use radio motors and connect a transmitter to the automation system (we supply a particular transmitter for this purpose called a dry contact transmitter). Using radio motors can be of real benefit because electrical installation and limit switch setting is simple and straight forward. You are also combining the benefits and flexibility of a radio installation with the control from the automation system.


On a more sophisticated level, there are what are called ILT motors, that provide positional information to the automation system and it is the system that tells the motor when to stop (unusually, there are no internal limit switches built into the motor). This is generally used on commercial BMS, often with a KNX system, when you may need the services of a programmer to make this work with the particular automation software chosen.