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Radio Control for Blinds and Screens

No wiring between controller and blind. Simple installations - decor undisturbed. Users love it, and setup is straight forward.



Obstacle detection - Radio – Instructions

Obstacle detection - Radio Handsets (Selve)

RTS (Radio) Wiring Diagram

Setup instructions for Altus Sonesse RTS

Setup instructions for Sonesse 30 RTS


Radio-control handset and blinds



Description: adio-control handset - control of several blinds


A single-channel handset can operate one blind, or many blinds together from a single channel.


single channel handset


Description: adio-control handset - control of several blinds


A four-channel handset. Combines the flexibility and convenience of remote control with individual, grouped and centralised control of your blinds.


Each channel is linked by a simple programming procedure to one or several blinds. With the selection button you can choose which shading you want to control from anywhere in your home. Indicator lights on the controller show the current selection. With the touch of a button you can open all the blinds in the room or on the entire floor.


There are 4 lights to indicate the 4 channels, however when all 4 lights are lit, this is a 5th channel, usually programmed to work all channels together as a group, however what you choose to use this 5th channel for is entirely up to you.


Radio-control - 4-channel handset with blinds


Wall mounted


Wall-mounted radio switches can be used as an option or addition to, the handset to operate one blind, or many blinds together. With the Smoove range, there are 8 frame finishes and 4 inner colours. to mix and match from.


Handset and switch radio-control of blinds



  Description: CHRONIS SMART RTS - Timer for programming automatic operating times of Somfy RTS enabled products (eg opening/closing blinds/curtains).


Smart wall-mounted radio switches are a further possibility. This switch can reproduce a user's orders and control your blinds individually or as a group by simply pressing the Up, Down and Stop buttons. Also program automatic raising and lowering to be activated once in the morning and once in the evening.


Press the Up button at the time you want, and the automatic control will repeat this man oeuvre every 24 hours - same idea for Down control.


You can interrupt the programming temporarily (for example when you are absent for the weekend).


Pre-program blinds' opening and closing times. Let a switch record, memorise and follow your orders for a time you specify. Activate an "Absence" mode when you are away for long period.


Advanced control of blinds


Remote control handset


Don't forget! Any radio control switch can control one blind can also control a group of blinds. Thus a four channel handset can control 4 groups of blinds.


Control individual blinds - or groups