Headingley Cricket Ground

Shading for outward sloping windows needed a flexible system to control light and heat whilst preserving the view.

The Carnegie Pavilion at Headingley, the home of Yorkshire Cricket Club, provides space for media, teaching and player’s facilities and has full height, sloping glazing overlooking the pitch. 

The iconic Carnegie Pavilion at  Headingley Cricket Ground provides world-class media and players' facilities plus hospitality and teaching facilities. 

A joint venture between Leeds Metropolitan University and Yorkshire County Cricket Club, blinds were required on the Carnegie Pavilion's outwards sloping glazing to control light and solar gain. Some areas -such as the media centre - needed to have the view protected as whilst others required dim-out facilities.

SHY® (UK)’s dealer, Dearnleys, knew that a guided roller blind system would be needed to neatly fit on the sloping mullions and work effectively. The SHY® ZIP® system was the ideal choice as the side channels of the blind guide and supports the fabric on sloping applications. They also allow:

  • Effective control of glare and solar gain by window blinds
  • External view preserved with use of screen fabrics
  • Sloping blinds guided in side channels to match the angle of mullion detail
  • Effective dim-out solution where required
  • Robust, low maintenance solutions 


In total over 120 SHY® ZIP® blinds were installed. Some were fitted with screen fabric to provide control over light and heat but still permit an external view, whilst others had blackout fabric - all flame retardant to European standards.

All the blinds on this project were manually operated by chain control with the chain loops secured to ensure they remained in position, accessible and safe.

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