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Obscura - motorised electric roller blinds

As with our ZIP® range, we offer the option of high quality, reliable, motorised control for Obscura blinds. This is particularly important in some of the larger Obscura installations where the size and position of the blinds would make manual control impossible.


Obscura electric blinds can be supplied with AC or DC motors and the ‘limit’ switches permit both remote and manual setting. Naturally, all the electrical fittings and controls are of the same high quality as the blinds – with both hard-wired wall switches and radio control handsets available.


Obscura - electric rooflights

Obscura blinds Fabric Tensioning System (FTS)Our Obscura range of electric Rooflight blinds features constant tensioning, spring roller tensioning or our fabric tensioning system (FTS). The latter  - used for our largest roof lights - is illustrated here.


Please contact us to discuss the most cost-effective solution for your needs or, if you need a sealed screen or blind, see our ZIP® Blinds section.