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Hand-operated Obscura roller blinds

Obscura roller blinds offer the discerning purchaser the ultimate quality at competitive prices and three options for manual control.


Manual control of hem bar for Obscura roller blinds - our Decelerator

Obscura roller blind with Decelerator

The Obscura Decelerator simply requires a gentle tug on the hem bar of a fully-closed blind to rise to the pre-set, fully-open position - and can be stopped, gently, at any point.



Manual control of Obscura roller blinds - side chain operation

Obscura roller blind with side chain fitted

Simple and neat! Endless ball-chain moves the blind smoothly to where the user wants it. For larger blinds, heavy-duty side chains are supplied. Please see our Child Safety for using chain operated blinds



Manual control of Obscura roller blinds – gearbox blind controls

Obscura roller blind with gearbox control/removable winding handle

For larger blinds, gearbox control can be a more convenient option. The mechanism allows a winding handle to be permanently fitted, or (as illustrated here) can have a fitting for a removable handle. This is not only neat, but inhibits unauthorised use of the blinds in locations such as school or college classrooms.