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SHY® Sunfacta electric cassette blinds, screens and shades

Fitting an electric motor in the roller of SHY® Sunfacta cassette blinds enables the use of an extensive range of control options that work with single blinds, selected groups of blinds or all the Sunfacta blinds in your room. This is particularly important where the positioning and size of the blinds would make it impossible for manual control to be a viable option.

The control mechanism can be one or more hard-wired wall switches, a wireless (radio) control handset with single or multiple channels or a combination of wall-mounted and handset radio controls. Programmable, wall-mounted, radio-control switches are also available. In addition, the control of SHY® Sunfacta blinds can be linked to existing environmental controls, home automation or building management systems.
Download the SHY® electric blind control PDF