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Hand-operated Sunfacta cassette blinds, screens and shades

Important note. Not all methods shown below are suitable for all sizes of Sunfacta blinds. Please check on our Sunfacta size chart to see more detailed information, or contact our sales staff with any queries.


Manual control of hem bar for Sunfacta cassette blinds - our Decelerator

With our decelerator fitted, a gentle tug on the Sunfacta hem bar causes a fully-closed blind to rise to the pre-set, fully-open position. 



Side Chain Operation

A neat ball-chain moves the blind smoothly to where the user wants it. For the larger Sunfacta blinds, heavy-duty side chains are fitted.

NOTE: Chain is shown ready for use. You must take safety precautions with chain-operated blinds.



Gear Box Operation

Raise or lower your Sunfacta cassette blind by turning a long handle. For convenience, this can be left in place on the blind or detached (as in illustration). This leaves a small connector in place allowing the separated handle to be kept safe elsewhere - ideal  for use in classrooms or some office buildings where there is a need  to limit those who have permission to operate the blind.