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Touch Up Paint

We have all been there. You accidentally damage a blind when fitting it; you have to make an adjustment on site that requires cutting the hardware; another tradesman  - or even the customer - manage to damage your pristine installation ... What do you do? Reach for the fitter’s friend in a bottle of Tippex? What if the hardware is not the same colour?


SHY® (UK) have a much better solution - a small bottle of touch up paint, complete with brush, in exactly the right colour for your hardware. So whether you order the standard white or black powder coated finishes from SHY® (UK) or a customised RAL or BS finish, you can be safe in the knowledge that you'll be able to deal with the odd scratch or blemish on site.


Martin Dibben, SHY® UK’s Managing Director, commented; “We realised from customer feedback during our SHY® School that touch-up paint was a frequent requirement. This is particularly useful in commercial and contract work, where payments can be held up for the smallest of marks. So we decided to research what we could do to help.”


Of course, touch-up paint can also be used when refurbishing and maintaining blinds or even to help get that dreaded retention released on a contract.


SHY® (UK) now provides matched touch-up paint to customers with each special colour order. And customers ordering standard Black and White products also receive a bottle with their first order. Subsequently, additional Black and White bottles can be purchased at a subsidised price.