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Manually operated ZIP® blackouts, blinds, screens and shades

It’s important to note that not all the hand-operation options shown below are suitable for all sizes of SHY® ZIP® blinds. For more information see our Size Chart page or, if you aren’t sure, please contact our sales staff.


Hand control of hem bar for ZIP® cassette blinds.

The simplest manual control of a ZIP® Blind is by moving the hem bar by hand. A neat handle has a clip which snaps shut to the bottom channel when the blind is fully closed.

For some highly specialist needs, it is possible to have a Decelerator ZIP® blind similar to the Obscura Decelerator - but this is not a standard option.



Cord control of ZIP® cassette blinds


Pulling the cord pulls down the ZIP® blind and the cord is then tied off on a cleat. When released, the blind retracts under spring control.


NB: This option is only available for ZIP® blinds using the 85mm head box.



Side chain operation

A neat, endless ball-chain moves the blind smoothly to where the user needs it. For larger blinds, heavy-duty side chains are fitted. This option for ZIP® blinds is also available on the Obscura series.


NB: The chain in the illustration is shown ready for use. You must take safety precautions with chain-operated blinds.



Crank and gear box operation

Click for large picture of gearbox drive

Our gearbox allows you to raise or lower your ZIP® blackout blind by turning of a handle. The handle can remain with the blind - or it can be detached (as shown here). A detachable handle can be particular useful for situations - such as classrooms - where there is a need to limit access to the blind's operating mechanism.