Sevenoaks Library, Kent

How to protect and preserve a unique tapestry created by WW2 evacuees from sunlight and internal lighting was the challenge set by Sevenoaks Library.

Sevenoaks library proudly possesses a unique tapestry created by evacuees and children during WW2. The library wanted to display the tapestry, but needed to preserve it. Protection from sunlight and internal lighting was essential.

SHY's solution was to print a life-sized reproduction of the tapestry onto a black-out cloth and mount this onto a 5,340mm wide electric roller.

Now, when a visitor wishes to see the original they simply press a button and the reproduction is gently raised out of view. A timer means the blind lowers again after a short period to protect the original tapestry.

This job shows how SHY can design and manufacture roller blinds and shading solutions for any situation, not just windows.

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