CTS and FTS Guide

CTS and FTS are both ways in which fabric is kept taut whilst a blind is in operation. Here’s a handy guide on what they mean.

CTS and FTS are both ways in which fabric is kept taut whilst a blind is in operation, which helps to prevent the fabric from sagging or rippling.
• CTS means Constant Tension System
• FTS means Fabric Tensioning System

CTS Blinds

Ideal for shading smaller glazed areas, a CTS uses a single motor system. This means it has one motor which is located inside the cloth tube. It also has a spring boxes at the other end that pull the fabric under tension. They are often used with SHY’s ZIP® side channels which allow the blind to run freely and quietly but prevents the fabric from being pulled free.

SHY Wireless Rooflight Blinds use a far more powerful version of the constant tension system that use SHY’s own patented spring boxes and a heavy-duty hem bar to help prevent sag. With maximum dimensions of 3m x 3.5m, depending on fabric choice, the two tension wires run in the side channels giving a truly ‘wireless’ opening.

FTS Blinds

An FTS is a double-motor system with a special motor at both ends of the blind. The motors “talk” to each other through a control box as the blind is travelling to control the moving and finishing tension.

Depending on the draw and width required, FTS blind can be up to 6.5m wide and up to 20m (that’s 65 feet!) long. Please contact us directly to discuss the special wiring needed, best fabric choices and position of the tension cables across the heavy-duty hem bar.


Both CTS and FTS give a flat, tight finish. Choosing which is most appropriate is often influenced by its application, so the SHY team is always on hand to discuss and advise. Do feel free to contact us with any questions on 01462 455400 or by emailing info@shy.co.uk.