Our products - in detail

Product Types


Our product ranges use these design types, which includes our best-selling ZIP®, Obscura and Sunfacta blinds. 

Within our ranges, we offer a comprehensive variety of product options, such as gravity or lifting blinds, manual or electric motors and controls, single or twin roller blinds in one headbox (or the option of no headbox), side channel, zip and side channel, and a choice of practical, durable fabrics from our new range.


Obscura  ZIPSunfacta


SHY specialises in ensuring you have the right shading solution.

All of our commercial roller blinds are designed and manufactured on our site. This allows us to create a range of design types which can accommodate any shape or size of window. These types include: vertical, sideways, shaped, rooflights and skylights as well as over-sized and custom roller blinds.

Many of our clients take the opportunity to incorporate their branding, logos, photos and other images onto their shading solutions. SHY can print these onto your chosen fabric before assembly or use your own fabric. 

Product Types

SHY can supply suitable shading systems for almost every application and location, using our specialist roller blind knowledge and experience.


Vertical binds come in two forms; gravity drop blinds and lifting blinds. Both can be made to fit any angle to the vertical and to a large variety of widths. SHY experts are happy to advise you on the most suitable blind for your windows.

Gravity drop blinds: when in position, this type of roller blind moves vertically.  It is made from a single piece of fabric that travels in a downwards motion to shade and an upwards motion to open. 

Lifting blinds: the opposite of gravity drop blinds, a lifting roller blind rises from the base and travels upwards to provide shade.


Our roller blinds are able to move in a sideways direction from left to right, or vice versa. Sideways blinds can be made to fit windows at an angle to the vertical and we have a range of manual and electric controls depending on the height, angle and size of the application.


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We can make roller blinds to fit any shape of window – we specialise in creating and manufacturing bespoke blinds for the most unusual of applications. SHY has experience in triangular blinds, non-symmetrical blinds and window shading solutions for gable ends as well as roller blinds for curved glazing and domes.

Rooflights and Skylights

With an outstanding range of options, the drop and width range for rooflights and skylights is from as little as 600mm x 600mm to 6.8 m x 13m. Every level of shading through to full blackout can be achieved utilising a wide choice of blind fabrics.


Is your window very wide or tall? We have the manufacturing capability to produce very large blinds, for very large windows as well as motorised blinds for very tall, narrow windows 


We specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke blinds. Whether your windows are oversized, have a number of out-of-the ordinary angles, or are an unusual shape, we can make blinds to suit exactly what you need.

Product Options


You can choose whether your SHY blind operates from the top or the bottom of your window. Gravity drop roller blinds: for windows where you need a blind to move in a vertical direction from the top downwards towards the  base.Lifting roller blinds; for projects where you need a blind to move vertically upwards from the base.

Manual Controls

Our commercial roller blinds can be operated by hand. There are several manual controls systems to choose from. For example, a manual gearbox with detachable handle, a permanently fixed handle, and a spring assisted side chain operation. A cordless finger-operated handle is  suitable for compact areas. We can supply configurations to suit your requirements.

Motor Controls

We have a variety of motorised controls to suit your installation. These options include wireless radio control, timers, and obstacle detection systems, and links to home automation systems, minimising the need for surface wiring. Motorised systems can also be hard-wired to wall switches. Quiet motors (including Somfy) are ideal for areas requiring minimal noise disruption, e.g. hospitals, care homes, libraries, museums, and private residences. Our motorised commercial roller blinds can also be fitted with a manual override system if required. Wind sensors are an ideal option if the roller blind is fitted externally to the building.


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SHY offer the choice of single or twin roller blinds in 1 headbox. However, you can have the option of no headbox, too. We will design a commercial roller blind to suit your specific requirements.

Side channels

You can choose whether you need a side channel, or not, depending on your requirements.

Another option is to have a zip and side channel. A specially designed zipper ribbon is welded to the edges of the blind fabric to create a very strong, flat, join. The zipper ribbon is securely held in a side channel which allows the blind to run freely and quietly, but prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the channel. Side channels prevent unwanted movement of roller blinds, for instance when windows are open for ventilation.  


Our latest range comprises our glass fibre screen collection with optional blackout, the polyester screen range with optional fly screen, and PVC blackout fabrics. All of these are available in a range of colours. 

We can also provide printed fabrics to allow your logos, branding, marketing messages, photos and other images onto your blinds. 

If you have your own fabrics, we can consider these, and discuss your performance and construction criteria with you.