Apartment with Home Automation

A rooflight is an excellent way of harvesting natural light especially when you have a space as big as this London apartment.

When you have as much light to control as this London apartment, CJR Contracts called in the experts from SHY.  Our challenge was to control the light and heat from the large rooflights and link the solution to the home automation system. 

A rooflight is an excellent way of harvesting natural light especially when you have a space as big as this London apartment.

But the sun’s light, and the associated heat, needs control and this is where SHY’s expertise came to the fore by designing four FTS blinds to effectively shade this rooflight.

These blinds have concealed motors at either end of the blind’s travel which not only move the blind into place but when the blind is stopped in any position the motors gently turn in opposite directions to take up the slack in the cloth.

The blinds are motorised and linked to the apartment's home automation system to give ultimate flexibility in their operation. 

The hardware of the blind system was coated to match the Architect’s specification and blend in with the roof structure.

The resulting rooflight blind gives light transmission of just 4% to control glare. The colour and weave of the cloth also provided an excellent view through which the client wasn’t expecting.

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