This Grade 1 listed aviary needed a shading solution to protect its interior and the modern art it displays from roosting birds and nocturnal animals whilst protecting the integrity of the historic structure.

Three radio controlled ZIP® Screen blinds with Mermet Airscreen fabric will protect the modern art and aviary interior from roosting birds and nocturnal animals. 

Built for Baron Ferdinand Rothschild in 1889, the aviary at Waddesdon Manor is made from cast-iron in the style of a rococo trelliswork pavilion. The aviary grotto is used as a gallery for displays of modern art.

SHY's dealer, Volvina Limited asked us to develop a solution to protect the aviary without affecting the Grade 1 listed building. 


SHY designed and built a steel structure so no part of the Grade I listed building would be affected in any way from installing the blinds. This was powder coated to match the aviary.

Three radio-controlled ZIP screen blinds with Mermet Airscreen fabric were then fitted to the steel structure to protect the modern art and aviary interior from roosting birds and nocturnal animals. 

The fabric is transparent enough for visitors to view the displays and the aviary interior whilst offering a level of security.

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