Bath University

It was no sweat for SHY when Bath University wanted blinds for their 1m x 35m high-level rooflights in their gym that also functions as a multi-purpose space.

When you have a gym it’s good to have natural light, but when you also want to use the space for meetings and conferences that light needs to be controlled. This multi-use space at the University of Bath therefore needed effective dim-out blinds for its the 10 rooflights.

The long, narrow shape of each rooflight In the Founders Hall means that they measures just 1m wide but are 35m long. There was a further requirement for the retracted blinds to be imperceptible from floor level.

SHY built special headboxes in pine faced ply and used pine timber supports for the side channels so the blinds blended into their surroundings when not in use.

Each rooflight was covered by two pairs of Fabric Tension System (FTS) blinds with each pair designed to neatly meet over a structural beam.The blinds were operated using a multi-channel radio handset so each bay could be controlled independently.

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