External Shading

This building had the benefit of a full height glazed extension to add space, light and provide a panoramic view. It needed a shading solution to control glare and thermal gain without blocking out the view.

Why have blinds if you can’t see out and why fit inside when you can have the benefit of extra solar protection from external blinds?

External shading is typically far more effective at keeping a building cooler as it blocks unwanted heat before it hits the glazing. Such shading solutions are not typical in the UK but are efficient and can be elegant too as this project proves.

On the outskirts of Manchester (UK), this property has the benefit of a full height, angled glazed extension to add space, light and provide a panoramic view.

However, with so much glass, there was a need to control glare and thermal gain. 

Given the challenge, our solution was a SHY ZIP® Screen blind fitted externally with an open weave fabric. 

Electrically operated with automatic wind sensor protection, this installation shows SHY ZIP® Screen is just as happy outside as in.