Glasgow City Council

How we helped control the amount of light coming through a large cupola (ceiling dome)

Glasgow City Council needed to control the amount of light coming through a cupola of which has a diameter of 10.5 metres, rising to a height of 4.5 metres.

However, they also wanted to preserve the aesthetic integrity and so, with SHY’s help, Incorporated Blind Systems Ltd proposed twelve shaped and curved blinds to fill each glazed panel individually.

SHY used a blackout material and installed motors within the barrel of the blind. To raise and lower the blinds a system of pulleys and a relieving roller were deployed but hidden from view.

All blinds were programmed to operate together by means of a radio controlled switch.

This job shows the ingenuity of SHY’s engineering, when coupled with an installer with a vision, and the technical aptitude to take on a real challenge.

This installation so impressed the operators of the Trafford Centre in Manchester that their 45 metre diameter cupola has had the same solution installed.

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