Greenbank Centre, Liverpool

Rooflights allow natural light into the Greenbank Centre, but they wanted to avoid having too much light and heat that could cause problems for the building and its occupants.

Rooflights are often specified to allow natural light into a space, but sometimes too much light and heat can cause problems for the building, and its occupants.

This installation consists of eight roof blinds in four pairs, 3,000mm by 3,200mm draw. Simply moving backwards and forwards all day, their action goes unnoticed, but hides a shading masterpiece.

Motors at the top lift the blinds and motors at the bottom retract. These are linked through a control box clever enough to apply the correct tension so that the cloth lays flat. The cloth edges are guided and retained by SHY’s Zip side channels. Fabric tension system (FTS) ensures the fabric is held taut at all positions of the blinds.

As the blinds lift to the ridge in pairs, a single ridge bracket has been made that enables the cable rollers for each blind to be mounted together.

Finally, a cover is attached to conceal the rollers. Operation is by radio control.

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