Holy Cross School

Light floods a multi functional school hall through its wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Shading was needed to give maximum flexibility in the lighting - including full "blackout" for performances and presentations.

Historic Holy Cross Preparatory School dates from 1870.  However, its new school hall needed a modern shading solution for its 6.4 metre floor-to-ceiling windows to enable maximum flexibility of use. 

Boasting a wall of 6.4 metre floor-to-ceiling windows, the new school hall at Holy Cross Preparatory School needed a shading solution to control both the lighting and to maintain the hall's ambient temperature. 

The light and airy hall is used for a wide-range of uses, from assemblies and concerts to performances and presentations. 

The school therefore wanted the ability to control the level of shading to suit the activities taking place in the hall. It needed to include a "blackout" solution to enable presentations and films to be seen clearly seen. 

SHY distributor, Stansons, specified and installed motorised SHY ZIP® blinds as these are ideal for very tall windows. The ZIP® system holds the blackout fabric securely in the side channels to reduce light ingress and to stop fabric splitting out of the rails, even when subjected to reasonable force. 

To complement the hall's contemporary design, all of the roller blinds' hardware, including their head boxes, hem bar and side rails, were custom-painted to match the window mullions.

Manual controls for all blinds were installed as well as an intelligent remote control which interfaces with the building's window system. This enables the blinds to rise and fall automatically to maintain an ambient temperature in the hall.

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