Intricate extension shading

SHY's engineering solution with ‘fit by numbers’ produces intricate extension shading

This stunning roof was built over a converted swimming pool, to create an extension that can be used all year round. With the owner wanting protection from heat and glare with the flexibility to control each side separately, SHY’s engineering team designed a system that would achieve this whilst complementing the roof’s shape.

With shading for this roof only considered once the conversion was nearing completion, it was essential to make this an interesting and stylish feature as there hadn’t been the opportunity to work with the architect to develop a way to integrate the blinds’ hardware into the fabrication.

A combination of triangular Obscura FTS and rectangular ZIP® blinds were used with the blinds running over stainless steel free-running rollers to gain the octagonal shape and curves needed. Heavy duty 3% fibreglass sunscreen fabric was used and they each have bespoke motor and relieving roller brackets. To ensure the hardware was as inconspicuous as possible, it was powder-coated to match a non-standard RAL colour.

Due to the unique size of each glazing section, a ‘fitting by numbers’ approach was taken – each area was individually measured and numbered so their corresponding, bespoke blind could be manufactured by SHY then fit by our approved distributor into the correct location.

The blinds were programmed at the owner’s request to operate in four banks, however a 16-channel handset was used so the owner has maximum flexibility in the future for their operation.

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