London Office Development

Sloping, high-level glazing in a prestigious London office development needed a shading solution to cope with temperature extremes and fluctuating humidity levels.

Motorised, tensioned, sloping roof blinds in a prestigious
London office development might be a tall order for some, but not for SHY. 

High level roof blinds face the challenges of temperature extremes and fluctuating humidity levels. As installers were also faced with extremely challenging access for repairs and maintenance, Ashley Contracts turned to SHY for their proven system for shading the high level glazing. 

The blinds for this building were a mix of fabric tension system (FTS) and Conston tension blinds. Blind held by FTS tension use a motor at either end of the blind to both operate their travel and tension the cloth to remove any sag. 

Conston Tension Roof Blinds are ideal for smaller blinds and uses concealed constant tension springs to ensure it operates smoothly with just one motor.

The SHY® Shelf System was used for the blinds mounted within an upstand to ensure they were fitted perfectly square and conceal any variations within the dimensions of the reveal.

All blinds were wired to adjacent wall switches for easy, local control.

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