Long rooflight blind

This FTS solution maximises light whilst reducing glare and heat build up.

This 3.3m x 1.8m FTS ZIP® rooflight blind maximises light for the homeowners whilst managing heat gain and controlling potential glare. 

This stunning, angled rooflight floods natural light into a modern kitchen extension. SHY designed and manufactured this 3.3m x 1.8m FTS ZIP® rooflight blind to ensure the homeowners were able to manage heat gain and control potential glare. 

To complement the property’s minimalist décor, the mechanism and motor were concealed using Blindspace boxes. This system also helps the large blind to retain its shape, enabling longevity of use and reducing the risk of warping and subsequent malfunction that can be caused by constant exposure to sunlight. 

A 1% white screen polyester fabric was chosen by the client to maximise the light into their kitchen when the blind is in use whilst reducing glare and heat. 

Expertly fitted by the Electric Blind Company, the rooflight blind is radio operated through a handset to allow the owners to easily adjust their shading throughout the day to complement the weather conditions and use of their living space.