New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

A major renovation to a gallery in Leicester highlighted a need to provide black-out blinds between the frosted ceiling and a pitched Victorian glass roof with clerestory windows.

The solution proposed by SHY's dealer, Custom Group Ltd, was to install SHY’s ZIP fabric tension system (FTS) blinds. Fixed to the horizontal iron girders beneath the pitched roof, they are motorised with radio control switching. 

This clever solution meant that just three blind systems were needed to cover 100m2 of glazing to provide the level of light control required by the client. To achieve this, the dealer, Custom Group Ltd, lined the iron girders at this historic building with wood to provide an appropriate fix for the blinds and to help prevent light ingress.

The blinds were double ended allowing a 9m draw of fabric for either end of the roof void, so when the fabrics of one blind met in the middle, a total length of 18m of horizontal space was covered

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