The Open University, Milton Keynes

The university needed to control the amount of light coming into the room plus both light filtering and blackout options.

The solution was installed by SHY’s dealer, Volvina and provided by Zip twin roller blinds with links to the AV system.


SHY's twin blinds contain two barrels and their own cloths, but are contained in one headbox. In this case there were even two sets of side channels so the blinds were permanently guided along their travel.

Typically, as at this site, the twin concept allows for a screen fabric to filter the light and a blackout fabric to provide the ultimate in light control. Either blind can be positioned independently of each other making this probably the most versatile form of window shading.

These twin binds were motorised with the blackout blinds linked to the AV controls on a lectern and the screen blinds operated by radio control handset.

The blinds were approximately 3,000 x 2,575mm and all hardware was powder coated to match the window mullions.

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