The Outhouse

In a contemporary space, with a 13m angled rooflight, a shading solution was needed to control the glare whilst enabling daylight to still illuminate the gallery area from above.

Rooflights need a shading solution to control glare and heat whilst enabling daylight illumination from above. For this spectacular 13m glazing, maximum flexibility was created by two motorised SHY FTS screen fabric blinds extending from either end. 

The Outhouse in the Forest of Dean is a multi-award winning, private house that is half-buried in a hillside. Designed using the footprint of existing buildings, it is a big, bold house that incorporates both living space and an art studio. 

Running through the centre of the building is a gallery that provides a natural break between the working and living areas. This open corridor spans the property on its east-west axis and a 13m angled rooflight floods the gallery with natural light.

In such a contemporary space, a shading solution was needed to control the glare whilst enabling daylight to still illuminate the area from above. Roof blinds encounter extremes of heat, insect debris, dirt and condensation, so it was essential that the system and fabrics could cope with these extreme conditions.

The solution was two motorised SHY FTS screen fabric blinds. These extended from either end of the rooflight for maximum flexibility in the level of shading provided when being used. 


SHY’s fabric tension system (FTS) ensures that the long, angled blinds operate without sagging or rippling - there is a motor at both ends of the blind so when they are stopped at any point, the motors turn gently in the opposite direction to tension the cloth. 

Expertly installed by Grants Blinds, the rooflight blind’s side channels and head boxes are concealed and so they are almost invisible when retracted. Their operation is motorised using a wireless radio signal.

SHY can supply suitable, shading solutions for almost every application and location, using their specialist roller blind knowledge and experience. The company designs and manufactures all their commercial and bespoke roller blinds in-house in the UK at their own specialist site. With an extensive range of materials, systems that boast 5 headbox sizes, 8 roller barrel diameters, 6 operating methods and the ability to manage sizes up to 70m2, they have a solution for every shaped window and rooflight challenge. 

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