Battery Operated Motors Now Available

The adoption of home automation systems has grown rapidly over the last few years, with more homeowners looking at how technology can enhance their lives. To provide customers with efficient control of their blinds, Guthrie Douglas now offers battery powered motors in addition to hard wired and radio operated motors along with our manually operated blinds from the SHY product range.

Guthrie Douglas has traditionally offered hard wired, but now, with the integration of the SHY product range, but following customer demand, the company has tested and approved the use of battery operation as an option with the TESS600 range of systems This has many benefits. Primarily it allows the TESS range to be offered in retro fit situations where cabling has not been considered and the tenant has found a need for a shading a skylight or lantern roof. This leads on to reduced installation costs as the need for additional electrical work will not be required eliminating that extra trade

The high performance battery is housed in the blind motor mechanism, meaning the installation is seamless. depending on usage It will only require annual charging, and does not require any additional installation work. As a further option, a solar charge option is available which can be discreetly mounted on the upper part of the cassette, out of the line of site below. This will trickle charge the battery, eliminating the need for the battery to be removed and recharged.

The addition of the battery motor option and solar charger, is a further extension of the Guthrie Douglas product range, providing blind retailers and installers with a total solution of UK manufactured blinds, with options for all applications.

For more information on our battery motors, please contact our Sales Team today.