Factory testing large and unusually shaped blinds

SHY specialise in large and unusually shaped blinds. Watch how we tested a couple of recent customer orders.

SHY specialises in unusually sized blinds. Watch how we factory test a large rooflight blind plus a long and narrow ZIP rooflight blind.

The first is a very large FTS (Fabric Tensioning System) rooflight blind that measured 3m wide and just over 9m long. 

Our factory set up means we are able to test our large and unusually shaped blinds before they are dispatched. Watch us as we test this one:


In this second video you can see us testing a long and narrow, electrically operated ZIP roofblind.

It measured 600mm wide and 4.5m long, showing that we can produce blinds at virtually any size, no matter how wide, narrow, tall or short.

If you have a shading project which involves an unusual size, contact us and we will work together with you for the perfect solution. Call 01462 455400 or email info@shy.co.uk.

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