Our approach

SHY specialises in ensuring you have the right shading solution. We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial roller blinds for projects across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

How we do it

All of our commercial roller blinds are designed and manufactured on our site in Letchworth, UK. This allows us to create a range of design types which can accommodate any shape or size of window. These types include: vertical, sideways, shaped, rooflights and skylights as well as over-sized and custom roller blinds.

Our product ranges include our best-selling ZIP®, Obscura® and Sunfacta® blinds. Within our ranges, we offer a comprehensive variety of product options, such as:

  • gravity or lifting blinds
  • manual operation or electric motors
  • single or twin roller blinds in one headbox
  • the option of no headbox
  • side channels
  • ZIP side channels
  • a choice of practical, durable fabrics from our in-house range
  • customised print onto your blinds (e.g. logos, product images)