Wireless Rooflight Blinds

SHY's Wireless rooflight blinds have no visible wires when the blind is retracted yet continue to enjoy the anti-sag measures of our FTS range.

SHY's Wireless Rooflight Blind is ideal where no visible cords or wires are wanted when the blind is retracted. Using a patented, powerful spring box, and SHY's ZIP® technology, each side pulls the cloth taut.

Having no guide wires showing means it is deal for contemporary and stylish installations and where a sleek, minimal profile is needed. 

By using SHY's ZIP® technology, the wireless rooflight blind is held securely in the side channels. This allows the blind to run freely and quietly, guiding the fabric so it always retracts exactly square, every time. The patented spring box and heavy duty 75mm hem bar ensures that the blinds operate without sagging or rippling. 

Head boxes can be sprayed to match decor using Pantone and RAL references and the wireless rooflight blind can be 'built-in' during the installation of a rooflight so it is almost invisible when retracted. 

There is a minimum 200mm and maximum 3500mm cloth draw and a minimum 500mm and maximum 3000mm overall blind width. 

They can be supplied in a wide range of fabrics and can be mounted in both a vertical and a horizontal orientation. If you have your own fabrics, we can discuss your performance and construction criteria with you to confirm their suitability.