Vertical Blinds

Product Types

Vertical blinds are available in two styles: gravity drop blinds and lifting blinds. Both of these types can be custom-made to fit any angle to the vertical. They are also available in a large variety of widths to suit your application.

Gravity drop blinds: when in position, this type of roller blind travels vertically. It comprises a single piece of fabric that travels in a downwards motion to shade, and an upwards motion to open.

Lifting blinds: these are the opposite of gravity drop blinds; a lifting roller blind rises from the base and travels in an upwards motion to provide shade.




Our in-house commercial roller blind experts at SHY are happy to advise you on the most suitable shading solution for your window.

Vertical blinds can be combined with the patented SHY ZIP® system which enables a smooth operation of the blind and is very useful to guide long and narrow blinds, sloping blinds and where a high degree of air movement would cause a traditional vertical roller blind to sway.



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